Do you need sodding for your property in Salisbury?


Grass is one the most important essential elements of a yard or garden. It has been on the planet for about 20 million years. We provide from sodding service, professional landscape design and installation to retaining walls. We handle it all. The lovely grass can serve many purposes- from a pathway, play area to a transition zone from the property to the gardens. Sod, also known as turf, is grass that is farmed and held together by roots. We emphasize high quality work, and employ the best materials available to assure a sustainable and  healthy turf from the ground up! We can offer you great variety of  irrigation systems in Salisbury.

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Reliable sodding serviceWe always promote the importance of setting proper basis when creating a new turf lawn. A gorgeous lawn is possible with the help of a professional landscaper who offers sodding services. A landscaper has the capability to make your lawn look lovely and really fast too. The lawn installation process takes no more than a couple of days– depending on the size of your yard, and there are several types of grass you can choose from. We provide excellent landscaping services in the Salisbury area. We are Auscare Landscaping & Irrigation and we know how to do it!

Assuming planting is done properly, the end result of a healthy lawn should be the same whether establishing via seeding or sodding. Whether sodding or seeding, home lawn quality is closely tied into how well the soil and place were prepared prior to lawn establishment. Taking shortcuts often comes back to haunt the homeowner in the form of chronic lawn problems, such as thatch, weeds, and disease. Prior to installing sod, remove debris and make any permanent grade changes, directing drainage away from building foundations. Sod installation offers quick results. Upon completion you will receive a pretty, lush, green lawn. There will be little soil to be tracked in by your family pets or  children  and little or no need for spot seeding.