Our design approach is to create site practical, specific, sustainable and beautiful landscapes using a considered range of plant species, materials and finishes. The company will expertly install their designs, using hardscaping, landscaping, water featuresand lighting and bring the plan design to fruition. We are specialists in landscape design. Our design services include landscape architecture and soil analysis, full site surveys. Auscare Landscaping & Irrigation is a well known landscaping company in the Salisbury’s area. We offer great sodding services to bring back the vitality of the Salisbury’s gardens.Incredible landscaping designs

We offer our clients expertise and a track record of success. Our mission is to create inspirational surroundings and peaceful retreats for our clients and their property. We believe the landscape is the extension of the character of a house. We have developed landscape design techniques and methods to bring back the beauty of concrete onsite in landscaping to build tables, walls,  benches,  firepits, stairs,  etc. In many job situations concrete must be removed for the creation of a new patio, drive, swimming pool or terrace.

Our designs can range from many different sizes, styles and budget requirements. We’ll create a customized, comfortable space where your kids or pets can play without worrying they’ll damage some fussy, imported plant. Contact us to discover the difference when you work with people who care.  All aspects of soft and hard landscaping are catered for. Residential and commercial  projects are given the same attention to detail that has helped Auscare Landscaping & Irrigation build the reputation it has attained and continues to enhance. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a complete landscape service.  All our staff are experienced dedicated landscapers who take huge pride in achieving the results our clients desire.


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